Individual therapy is guided by an innovative approach that focuses on helping the young person to identify the barriers that stand in the way of their success. At On My Way we honor the young person's voice and choice to determine their own path towards recovery. We provide hope for recovery through community integration, re-establishing relationships with friends and family, and achieving goals related to education and employment. 

On My Way offers several groups that allow young people and their families to get together and learn about psychosis, mental health, and life skills through creative approaches that engage them in the process of recovery.

At On My Way we believe that a young person's recovery is highly related to having a strong network. That begins with a family who is able to support them through this difficult time. Families receive education about psychosis, opportunities to meet other families going through a similar experience, and family sessions from our Recovery Oriented Counselors. We also believe that a family should be able to give input to our Doctors to ensure the best medication management experience possible.

Our Psychiatrists at On My Way rely on the voice and choice of the young people to guide their medication prescriptions. We encourage input from family members to help inform medication decisions and are committed to prescribing low dose medication options. 


At On My Way we honor the young person's voice and choice

The Supported Education and Employment Specialist creates a plan with the young person based on their needs related to these areas. Often times education and employment are two of the most important needs identified when a young person is asked about their goals in life. Our specialist will assist in resume building, prepping for interviews, researching schools, attending IEPs, etc. 

It is the goal of On My Way to create an inclusive program that engages young people by having a Certified Peer Specialist who has similar experiences with the symptoms of psychosis. The peer is able to share their story to help the young people engage in the program and instill hope in recovery. 

Launching into adulthood is challenging enough for young people without mental health challenges. In On My Way we provide case management services that address some of these needs, such as, getting a PCP, a driver's license, housing, etc. The therapeutic model guides the case management piece by focusing identified needs that relate to the barriers that stand in the way of success.